Your Sphere of Influence 

What is a Sphere of Influence (SOI)?

Sphere of influence (SOI) is a group of people upon which you have some influence simply because you know them. This includes family, friends, those with whom you’ve done business, fellow organization or club members, etc.

Increasing your sphere of influence should be an ongoing goal that will pay off exponentially over time. Here at The DOMO Group we work to assist and train our specialists on how to better grow and stay in contact with their SOI.

Upload 100 Contacts!

It’s time to take your first step toward long term success and that first commission check. Everyone you know is a potential client, and we are going to provide the tools to help you turn them into future happy home owners!

We are going to have you submit a list of 100 contacts from your phone. You will be using this list for prospecting calls as you learn our sales scripts. We will also show you how to use Google and Facebook to subtly drive your sphere list to contact you.


Creating Your Online Business Card

The WOW Factor

You are going to need something to show those contacts. Good thing everything you have been doing has been working towards creating your landing page! That’s right we will be creating your very own online business card.

Giving you a place you can send to your sphere and future clients that shows them what a kick-ass agent you are, and an easy way to get in touch. Check out one of our awesome team member pages by clicking HERE.


To stream line the process we have found an app that gets the job done with ease.


My Contacts Backup

Works on both Android and Apple devices. It allows you to email yourself an Exel .CSV file that will be uploaded into your lead management system. (You will learn more about that soon). You can download the App by searching My Contacts Backup in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on your mobile device.

After installing the app go through the following steps.

Please allow up to 15 minutes for the export to complete.

The file will show up in your email inbox, you can then edit it down to the 100 yourself, then forward it to or upload it below. It will be transferred into an editable spreadsheet for you and sent back with instructions on how to trim it down to your key 100.

You Did it!

You just took your first big step towards that first pay day! In the next section, you are going to get a quick refresher on the home buying process, find out how the word NO will be one of your greatest motivators, and get your first buyer script!