The DOMO Group Tech Training

Why is tech important?

Tech advances are rapidly impacting the relationship between people and service providers. New innovations are not only helping to streamline processes in service delivery but also changing consumer expectations. Everyone expects the fastest connection, the smoothest interface and the best tools. Those high expectations are no different in the world of real estate. That is why here at The DOMO Group we have spared no expense in providing you and your future clients with the best digital tools. Speed-to-lead and follow up are the name of the game. And the tools provided will be your key to converting incoming leads into happy homeowners fast and give you that first pay day!

In this training, we are going to just scratch the surface of what is possible with our CRM platform. However, by the time you finish, you’ll have a good understanding of the basic functions and features.

So let’s get started!

Set up your own DOMO Group email.


Let’s get you on your own DOMO Group email!

We like to make thing as smooth and reliable as possible. That is why we run our email on Google’s Gmail platform. Google is the gold standard of email services with over 1.2 Billion users world wide.


Navigate to

Your Email will already be set up for you! Simply enter your first name and for example If there is a name conflict, we will work with you to get everything sorted out.

Your password will be the password you chose for your preferred password in the previous section.

Once you log in, you will be prompted to change the password, please change it to something secure with Capital letters and numbers. You will be sending sensitive documents to clients and you want to protect them.

What is a CRM?

A CRM, by its very name, is a system for managing relationships with your customers/clients.

We use a CRM named Follow Up Boss, and when used correctly, it will enable you to service all of your contacts efficiently and effectively. You’ll be using it to keep track of your prospects and clients and to market and stay in touch with them through multiple mediums such as emails and SMS (text). It will help remind you when to follow up with your prospects so they won’t forget you, but without annoying them. Now let’s jump into it, and get you up and running.


Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss is a powerful tool that is going to help you get paid! Our FUB database has over 10,000 prospective buyers and sellers and new leads are uploaded into FUB everyday! FUB helps you by tracing and logging interactions and conversations from attempted first contact to the finalized deal. You can create automated saved searches for your buyers and book appointments. It also helps sort and organize all leads into status and more!


client Websites, back end dashboard

The DOMO Group owns several IDX Websites — websites where customers can browse homes and community info in a smooth easy to use interface. They can log their favorites, share home listings, request showings and more. All of which are tracked and viewable in a backend dashboard — a separate section of the site only accessible to DOMO agents.

Follow Up Boss App.png

Mobile Agent App

There is an app for that! You’re constantly on the move, and with our FUB agent app, you can get leads and close deals anywhere, anytime. Available in iOS and Android, the most vital information and capabilities are at hand whenever and wherever you need them. Search the app store for Follow Up Boss Agent App and download it. This app is going to be your new best friend!