Time to Hit the Books

You should have been given a book called Go for No. (Contact the Admin if you haven’t received your copy yet.) If you’ve only just flipped through it a bit, then now it is time to actually read it—really read it. This book will teach you one some of the most important lessons you can learn about rejection and how it can become your driving force! It’s a quick read and isn’t your average stuffy analytical snore fest. So get comfortable, find a place on the couch or even head outside and find a nice shady spot.


Learn A Script

Time to dig into your first script! This is the tried and true way to turn a new lead into a new client. We get so many leads a day and having this script down will increase your chances to get that appointment set. Please print out and memorize. You WILL be quizzed in your first coaching meeting.

Next section: Technology

Whew! You made it through the first leg of your training. Great job! Take a quick breather to go over what you have learned so far. Make sure you have read and studied all the material provided so far. In the next sections, you will be training on how to use our advanced CRM and lead tools, and make your first calls!