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Over the last few years, we’ve taken our expertise and our client relationships to new heights, and we wanted to represent our clients – and ourselves – in a more impactful way.

We wanted our brand to better communicate not just our names, but our values as well. With our clients at the heart of everything we do, we wanted our brand to shed more light on what we do, and why. So let us tell you the meaning behind Domo.


"Thank you" IN JAPANESE

In Japanese domo means "much". Over time, domo arigato and domo sumimasen have gotten shortened to just domo as a colloquial "thanks" or "thank you very much".

As many of our clients know, appreciation is one of our core values. So "Domo" truly resonated with how thankful we are for both our clients and for new opportunities. 



In Spanish, domo means "dome" and although you are unlikely to come across a dome style home in California, many ingenious people have created dome style homes throughout history. Whether it be Buckminster Fuller in the late 1940s or igloos built by the Inuits, dome is just another great word for home.


"house" In ESPERANTO

In Esperanto, domo means house. While many people don't know much about the Esperanto language, what struck us is not only that it is the most widely spoken constructed language in the world, but that Esperanto itself translates to "one who hopes".

Now, this may be a stretch (we're creative), but we believe that nothing facilitates more hopes (and dreams) than a house.



Last but not least, how can we forget that domo also sounds like the cute, little brother of the words domicile and domestic. And what is the definition of domicile you ask? It's the country that a person treats as their permanent home and has a substantial connection with.

We may be ahead of ourselves here, but what better place to call home than Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach or the South Bay?