Who is The DOMO Group?

Our Mission

We are in the business of making happy customers. Our mission is to make life better for those around us by providing expertise, world-class service and unparalleled guidance in the process of buying, selling, owning, investing in and managing real estate.


Core values

We set the bar for our industry by practicing core values that guide us on a daily basis. These values represent our commitment to our customers and make us the best agents in the South Bay.

  • Be Extra Helpful

    At our core is the desire to always be helpful, regardless of the situation.

  • Be Resourceful

    We always explore every option to make sure our clients get the best possible outcome.

  • Be Accountable

    We make promises to ourselves, to one another and to our clients, and we keep them. We set aggressive goals and aspire to surpass them.

  • Be Communicative

    Clear, truthful and consistent communication (and an uncompromising commitment to follow-up) separate us from the pack.

  • Be Teachable

    The very best hitters in baseball fail more than 60% of the time. Every situation in which we find ourselves is either a win or a learning experience. Always fail forward.

  • Be Appreciative

    We are fortunate to get to work in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet. People want to work with those who are humble and appreciative of the opportunities provided to them.